Online Tour of National Park - 4

The Legacy of Brown v. Board of Education (north wall)

The Legacy of Brown v. Board of Education gallery was formerly several classrooms.  The exhibits on the north wall in this gallery discuss post-Brown strategies and activities to fulfill Brown's promise of ending segregation.  Topics covered on the north wall are:

  • Medgar Evers
  • Protest in the Face of Intimidation
  • Gifted and Diverse Leadership
  • The Civil Rights Act, 1964
  • Marching for the Vote
  • The Voting Rights Act, 1965
  • Fannie Lou Hamer
  • African Americans in Political Office

Plaque at entrance of The Legacy of Brown v. Board of Education gallery

The Struggle Continues is the theme of the display on the north wall of the gallery. This display focuses on post-Brown challenges to segregation in other areas, including employment, transportation, and public accommodations.

Pullout drawers show artifacts and documents related to the stuggle to end segregation

The Historic Figures interactive exhibit provides more information about key civil rights figures such as Ralph Abernathy and Daisy Bates

Floor-to-ceiling panels share images and quotations from the Civil Rights Movement.  This panel shows Rosa Parks at Highlander Folk School in Tennessee ... 

... where civil rights activists received training in non-violent protest.

The Other Fronts touchscreen exhibit provides more information about the efforts to end segregation in the arenas of economics, politics, and national security.

A timeline of civil rights related events from 1958-2000 is displayed throughout this gallery.


The Legacy of Brown v. Board of Education (south wall)

The exhibits on the south wall in this gallery discuss the importance of Brown in influencing the rights of all individuals throughout the world, including the right to an education.  Topics covered on the south wall are:

  • Implementing Integration in Education
  • Brown's Legislative Legacy
  • Brown's Impact on Curriculum
  • Unfinished Business
  • Enshrining Education as a Right
  • Defying Prohibition of Education
  • Global Intolerance
  • Education is a Human Right

The 4-minute video 'Pass It On' reminds the viewer that civil rights is not just an idea on paper but something to be adopted in the head and heart.

Let Justice Flow Like Water... is the theme of the display on the south wall of the gallery.  This display focuses changes in education that have taken place throughout the world as a result of Brown.

The pullout drawers provide information about African American award recipients and authors.

Protest in Music lets the listener hear music created in response to unjust social conditions.
Across the hall is Expressions and Reflections.

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