In Pursuit of Freedom and Equality

This curriculum resource is a kit containing a 27-minute DVD and a teacher's guide. The video uses narration, historical photos, film footage and videos of several individuals who were involved, to share little known facts about the history of the Brown decision. The video concludes with students giving examples of what integration and segregation mean today.

The kit is designed to begin with the DVD pre-viewing questions in the teachers guide followed by post-viewing discussion and lessons presented in the guide.

For use with middle schools, high schools and adults.

You may request a copy via e-mail at ($20 per kit, including shipping and handling).

A Case of Equality: Reading, Writing and Resistance

This twelve-minute DVD, narrated by two teens, provides an overview of the facts including interviews with and people involved in the communities and legal campaign which resulted in Brown v. Board of Education. This video is a terrific tool to start students talking about the background of Brown; and how things have changed in the broader context of the civil rights movement; and how their lives are different because of this history.  The kit includes the two segments on the DVD.  One segment is a taped dialogue among college students about issues of diversity and the other segment is the video “A Case for Equality”.  The teachers guide contains lessons and a CD-Rom for independent study.  The CD-Rom is located in the inside back cover of the guide.

This curriculum kit is for use with intermediate elementary grades through adult.

Request a copy via email at  ($5 per kit for shipping and handling).


Fair is Fair

This is a twelve-minute DVD narrated by an American Eagle puppet, that takes children on a journey past several national parks and finally landing at Brown v. Board of Education National Park.  The Park Ranger that meets the Eagle begins talking about how this place is all about the importance of being fair to the people around you.  It is anchored by a song entitled “Fair is Fair”.  There are practical examples of treating classmates fairly on the playground, or  when picking classmates for teams, etc.  The kit includes that DVD, a teacher’s guide, games, a cut-out puppet and coloring book.

This curriculum kit is for use with preschool through 3rd grade.

Request a copy via email at  ($5 per kit for shipping and handling).