Visiting Scholars

Oliver L. Brown Distinguished Visiting Scholar for Diversity Issues

Beginning in 1999, The Brown Foundation, in conjunction with The College of Arts and Sciences at Washburn University, has annually sponsored the Oliver L. Brown Distinguished Visiting Scholar for Diversity Issues.

Previous Visiting Scholars are:

  • 2014 - Dr. Steve Brown, Playwright & Associate Professor of Educational Leadership at Texas A & M University – Corpus Christi
  • 2013 - Madison Davis Lacy, four-time Emmy award winner and writer, producer, and director of documentary films
  • 2012 - Stogie Kenyatta, renowned actor, writer and comedian - One Man Show “The World is My Home: The Life of Paul Robeson”
  • 2011 - Michael A. Fletcher, Washington Post correspondent and Kevin Merida, Washington Post national editor
  • 2010 - Gary R. Grant, Executive Director of the Concerned Citizens of Tillery
  • 2009 - Gerald Torres, Author and Professor at the University of Texas Law School
  • 2008 - Tim Wise, renowned Author and Lecturer
  • 2007 - Madison Davis Lacy, Emmy Award-winning filmaker and programming executive (September 21-23)
  • 2006 - Donald Bogle, Turner Classics Film Commentator and Professor at the University of Pennsylvania and New York University
  • 2005 - Lewis W. Diuguid, Vice President for Community Resources and Columnist at the Kansas City Star
  • 2004 - Theodore Shaw, Director-Counsel NAACP Legal Defense and Educational Fund, Inc. (November 8-9)
  • 2003 - Dr. Robert Schrirer, University of Capetown, South Africa
  • 2002 - Reverend Charles R. Stith, former ambassador to Tanzania.
  • 2001 - Dr. Zvonimir Radeljkovic, Professor of American and English Literature, Sarajevo University.
  • 2000 - Dr. Grace Sawyer Jones, President, College of Eastern Utah.
  • 1999 - Dr. John Slaughter, Retired President, Occidental College.