Sumner Elementary School - Final Class Photograph

WIBW News Report on Final Class Photograph at Sumner in 1996

Sumner Elementary school students left class early today singing ... and making history.



School administrators say this is the last time Sumner students will all gather together for a yearbook snapshot.



After 60 years Sumner doors will close and students and teachers will pack up and leave for good.



Grace Villabros (Teacher): I think its going to hit me harder later ... and all of us, as a matter of fact ... we're all sad about the place closing, but I guess it's progress.


But others disagree. Reporter: Is it sad?

Girl One: [shakes head yes] Yeh. Girl Two: [shakes head no] No.


While many say the school's closing is a loss, they say they are thankful the building won't be torn down.



The building will remain standing because in 1987 Sumner Elementary school became a National Historic Landmark.



Since the focus of the historic Brown versus Board of Education desegration case tourists still ask to see the school.



Tony Vargas (Principal): And we've had people from out of state, also, who stop by and say can we look at the school just because it is a national landmark. They just want to tour the school, and we encourage it.


Voice of Grace Villabros: Actually, I would hope it could become a museum. I think that would be great.

Hoping to continue to pass on the lessons learned from the past.


Amy Hawley, 13 News at 10

Originally aired: WIBW 10 O'Clock News, February 23, 1996.