Kansas Law-1876

Statute-- District Schools Free to All Resident Children
Kansas Session Laws, 1876, Chapter 122, Article 5, Pages 256-257
[Amended by 1877 Law]

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SECTION 1. In each and every school district shall be taught orthography, reading, writing, English grammar, geography, and arithmetic, and such other branches as may be determined by the district board.

SEC. 2. A school month shall consist of four weeks of five days each of six hours per day.

SEC. 3. The district schools established under the provisions of this act shall at all times be equally free and accessible to all the children resident therein over five and under the age of twenty-one years, subject to such regulations as the district board in each may prescribe.

SEC. 4. Any district board refusing the admission of any children into the common schools shall forfeit to the county the sum of one hundred dollars each for every month so offending, during which such schools are taught; and all moneys forfeited to the common-school fund of the county, under this act, shall be expended by the county superintendent for the education of such children in the school district thus denied equal educational advantages: Provided, That any member of said district board who shall protest against the action of his said board in excluding any children from equal educational advantages shall not be subject to the penalty herein named.

SEC. 5. No pupil infected with any contagious disease shall be allowed to attend any common school or remain in any school room while so infected.

SEC. 6. Whenever there be not public money enough belonging to any school district to support a public school the length of time determined at the annual meeting, or at a special meeting duly called, the district board, to meet said deficiency, may assess a tuition fee upon each scholar attending said school, the assessment to be proportioned to the number of days each pupil has been in actual attendance during the term: Provided, That no tuition fee shall be levied upon the scholars in any of the public schools of this state, in accordance with the provisions of this act, unless the entire amount of one per cent. for teachers' wages, as required by law, be first assessed upon the taxable property of said school district.